Disability Employment

Lasercraft Australia Limited is an ‘Australian Disability Enterprise’

Providing long term supported employment for people with moderate intellectual and physical disabilities.

Caring support for every employee

At the heart of Lasercraft’s service provision for people with a disability is the commitment to a culture that recognises each individual’s human dignity, evident in their daily interactions and caring support that every supported employee receives.

“The staff are all nice”

“I like everything about Lasercraft, that’s why I’ve been here 20 years. I like it.”

“I like doing all the different kind of jobs at Lasercraft, and I have a lot of friends here.”

“The staff are very friendly. If I have a problem or need help, the staff always hep me.”

“The supported employees are all unique and different. They make it enjoyable to work here. Every day is different because of them, they can always put a smile on my face.”

“Working at Lasercraft with the staff and employees for the past 25 years has been the most rewarding experience of my whole working life.”
“I enjoy having the interaction with the supported employees at Lasercraft. I like being part of a work place that is built around inclusion for all people, everybody here is supportive of each other both personally and within our working lives. I feel proud of where I work and the products we produce.”



Supportive Culture

Over many years Lasercraft has developed a culture of absolute support for our Supported Employees. Read More >

Learning Life Skills

Lasercraft takes pride in the support it provides to Supported Employees to assist in the learning of various life skills. Read More >

Social Events

Lasercraft holds various social events throughout the year to celebrate special occasions. Read More >

Lasercraft Employees

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Supportive Culture

Over many years Lasercraft has developed a culture of absolute support for our Supported Employees.

Supported Employees at Lasercraft are engaged in electing Employee Representatives each year. Employee Representatives present an employee report to the Board of Directors at their bi-monthly meetings.

Lasercraft has an Employee Committee made up of past, present and those nominated for the employee representative position. The Employee Committee are involved in reviewing Lasercraft Disability Standards Policies and Procedures, they also conduct 6 weekly safety inspections and attend 6 weekly WHS committee meetings.

Employee meetings are held monthly where Supported Employees receive training on their rights under the Australian Disability Services Standards, they are also provided with opportunities to have their say on the day to day operations at Lasercraft which impact on their working day.

Lasercraft has a support needs review process that has multiple steps from initial interviews with families and carers to review among Support Staff and a goal setting interview with the Supported Employee to devise both support needs and an Employment Assistance Plan. All documentations is sent home for review before plans and supports are actioned.

Supported Employees and their families and carers are given a personal picture book that has provisions for them to provide Lasercraft Staff with constructive feedback so we can continue to improve our service.

Supported Employees and their families and carers are also provided with a satisfaction survey to complete each year.

Learning Life Skills

Support that is offered to Supported Employees at Lasercraft includes but is not limited to:

  • Shopping for both company and personal purchases
  • Company posting and mail collection
  • Paying of personal bills
  • Travel
  • Medical
  • Company washing
  • Company banking duties
  • Factory cleaning
  • Training on the job tasks
  • Training in the expectations of work
  • Kitchen cleaning and the use of the dishwasher
  • Social interaction support

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